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Changzhou Oriental Logistics Engineering Co., Ltd. has been engaged in the design and production of various types of shelf system engineering for more than ten years. It has completed thousands of storage projects and accumulated rich experience to form a series of shelves. The market sells all over the country and is exported to more than ten countries and regions on five continents, with a foreign exchange of nearly 10 million US dollars.

The company's new factory covers an area of 50,000 square meters, with material testing and testing station; strip longitudinal shearing - automatic punching production line; cold-formed profile rolling line; CO2 gas shielded welding production line; surface pretreatment - automatic electrostatic coating line Etc., the production process of various products are carried out in sequence according to the flow operation.

The company has the ability to undertake various warehousing problems, various types of shelf planning, design and manufacture, installation and commissioning and other turnkey projects. Integrity, innovation, reliability and satisfaction are our tenet of serving customers. It is our duty to tailor and deliver modern warehouse management concepts. Rationalization, efficiency and humanization are our goals.
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